Reanimate Us

Come, let us perambulate through the park.
We can contemplate the children on the playground,
appreciate their innocence, and lament the inevitable loss
that will occur, as we reminisce our own childhood,
recounting anecdotes we’ve already shared because we forget
which have been told. I’ll cogitate:
Why does naïvety have such negative connotations?

We can amble across the grass, remove our footwear
and embrace the feel of the blades slipping between toes.
We can sit within the arbour and abandon the world awhile,
entwine ourselves in each other awhile.
We can imitate the adolescents we once were:
dismiss the judgements of the world
and repose in our own company awhile.

Allow me to make us forget despondency, responsibility, reality.
Allow me to make you recall ‘us’ as we were at the commencement
of this journey together; that desperation, constant yearning for the other,
company that became vital. Allow me to make you forget that Time
stole that us, ravaged us, until we were habit.

Let us perambulate, and I will remind you of the addiction to ‘in love’,
rather than this dependency caused by excessive exposure.


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