All these are by me, and thus are mine.


Words for Your Perusal:

Reanimate Us  (poem)

A Friendship Ends  (poem)

In the Habit of Love  (poem)

Aftershock Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight  (poem)

Imagery of a Brain (poem)

Outbreak  (flash fiction)

The Day I Met The Fey  (poem)

I Know  (poem)

3 a.m. Epiphany Project

This site has recently been re-started to allow CWG members to join in from the beginning. So, starting with Challenge 1 from Brian Kiteley’s book 3 a.m. Epiphany, I will be working through the challenges and if my work had turned into something I like then I’ll post it here. Just click on the challenge number below to read my results. I won’t re-post the instructions, but I’ll put a link to them.

So far I’ve completed:

Challenge 1 – started August 22 2012. Challenge instructions.

Challenge 2 – started September 20 2012. Challenge instructions.


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