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NaNoWriMo 2015

In an attempt to get the creative juices flowing, and because my husband suggested it would be a good idea, I’m going to give NaNo a go this year. “What’s NaNo?” you ask. Well, November is National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, during which thousands of writers throw sanity out the window and try write a 50,000 novel. Check out

While I do hope to hold onto what fragments of sanity I have left, I also hope to get 50,000 words down. I’ve done it before, and I do have an idea, bits and pieces of a world, and at least one fleshed out character, which is all more than I’ve gone into NaNo with before, so I’m feeling somewhat prepared.

Until tomorrow morning, and I try to write the first words. Then it may all go out the window. Or I may throw myself out the window. Defenestration or write a novel… tricky choice.

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It’s literally been more than a year since I last posted. And, boy, what a year it’s been.

So far 2015 is chalking up to be my worst year ever, in fact, I think it already has that title, but there’s room for it to go either way. My husband is officially jobless at the end of day tomorrow, and with nothing new secured yet, there’s a possibility things could get much, much worse.

Since April I’ve lost my creative mojo. I’ve not written anything, and I’m feeling as far from being a writer as those normal non-writerly people must feel–except I still hang out with writers, and people ask me what I’m working on, and my current response is, “a baby blanket,” because I’m doing a huge favour for a friend (and that’s crochet, not writing, in case you were wondering how you write a baby blanket).

What happened in April to trigger this. Well, that’s the créme de la créme of my shit year. I ended up in hospital because my stupid brain decided reality wasn’t good enough for it, and it went walk about in insanity for a few weeks. An event that has totally fractured my belief in myself and trust in my brain, and even though everyone else is getting on with their lives as if it was all a bad dream, I’m still reeling from what happened.

How’s your year going?

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Achieving Goals and Running Workshops

In pursuing my goals for 2013 (yes, I do actually have goals, though they’re less goals and more a list of ‘things I’m achieving this year’) I have signed up to run some workshops in June.

The fact that I had a ‘goal’ and I’ve achieved it is pretty huge. Most of the time when I set goals it’s because I feel like I need to, whether it’s because someone’s standing over me with a switch saying “you need goals!” or because I always felt that I was a failure as a person cos people around me would talk about their 5yr or 10yr goals and I’d be all, ‘I’m hoping to get my assignment in on time, but that’s not really a goal, it’s just a hope.’ But this year I just wanted to make my creativity hours worthwhile. It came completely out of myself, and I wasn’t pressured into it at all. So while I wrote down a goal, it was more about reminding myself what I want to achieve rather than what I feel obligated to achieve. That goal was simply. “find a way to earn some money from my creative antics.”

I have actually fulfilled this goal many times over, already, and it’s only April! I sold a short story *eep* (proof), I’ve sold a knitted shrug and a couple of crocheted headbands. I have actually been really busy and productive. I have people that are waiting (very, very patiently) for notebooks. And my job round at The Make Cafe comes out of my craft Thursday evenings with the girls; nothing quite like ordering tea and being offered a job 😀 (though I’m not sure it trumps the time I bought a bottle of milk and was offered a job, though the job this time round is squillions of times better!)

Anyway, I feel like I’ve tangented, but I’m not sure what my original point was…


I’m going to be running a Crochet Flowers workshop and a Fabric Covered Notebooks workshop. Both in June. Both at The Make Cafe. Both are gonna be so cool!

I’m finally going to really put the statement “you’d be a good teacher, Fran,” to the test, although this is probably not what they had in mind.

Keep an eye out on The Make Cafe website for details if you’re interested. It’s not up there yet as I have to get information, pictures and samples to our workshop guru first, but I will do my part promptly and then I’m sure the rest will follow smoothly.

Yay, go Fran!

Smile! 😀

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Dropping the Ball

After the CWG meeting last month I was given a list of things I had volunteered to do. We have a workshop on tonight, and that’s really highlighting that I’ve let everyone down! I know the Guild is not the only group of people I have let down, and to the others all I can do is apologise (I could list everyone, but then I’d be here all day).
So if you’re out there thinking ‘I thought Fran was going to…’, you’re not the only one, and I assure you, I had good intentions!!
Sure, there are reasons behind the failures, but I’m not making excuses here, just putting my hand up and admitting failure.

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I just wrote this post for CWG. January’s themed blog posts are on World Building.

Christchurch Writers' Guild

When creating your world your focus will probably be on the people your story is about. Even the most extreme sci-fi and fantasy stories have some form of humanoid creature as the dominant characters, or, if they’re not humanoid, they will to acquire human traits; the reason for this is simply because it’s going to be humans reading your story, and your reader needs to be able to relate to your characters. For that reason I’m going to focus on humans, though the same general rules will apply whether you’re writing elves or aliens. (Both mainstream fiction and historical fiction are set in real world locations with real world demographics, so there’s no space for creativity in this area, but even if you write these genres, knowing a bit about world-building might help you understand your people better).

Survival and Growth

Humanity needs some basic things for survival. Oxygen and…

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