Short Life Update

05 Sep

If you’re one of those readers I like to imagine I have, that reads my blog but doesn’t keep up with my antics through any other avenue, then the fact that I’m now studying a diploma of counselling may come as a bit of a surprise.

But then I haven’t blogged in forever, so there’s a lot you’ve missed thanks to me falling back into the pit of what’s this life thing all about then, and what’s the point of it all?

In there I was made redundant. I lost direction. I slumped. I was finally forced to deal with the redundancy, and then I finally understood what I wanted to do with myself.

There was a lot of serendipity going on when I discovered that I wanted to be a counsellor. Hey, look over here at this campus that just opened at the other end of your suburb this year, you can study part-time, by correspondence, at your own pace, and StudyLink will even join the party to help out financially (as long as you pay it back later, of course, don’t get too excited).

So far I’ve completed 1 unit (passed with 86%!), and had 2 units cross-credited thanks to a uni paper I did. Win! The next unit is ‘due’ in 2 weeks so I can get the first practical assessment over and done with at the start of October.

Through various mental reprogramming techniques I’ve discovered, I’m going to dare to say I’m done with mental illness. Said techniques include EFT, but we’ve added a few other fun techniques to the process, and we (B~ and I) have kind of stream lined the process. I’m considering writing up the process we use and putting it on here somewhere. Then maybe others can have astounding results too.

Around study I’m also trying to get some writing stuff done. I want to re-publish Evacuation (I got stuck on the cover thing and never really went back), and I have another novella I’ve just started. It’s all good and exciting 😀

That’s how I am. How are you?

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