Dropping the Ball

25 Mar

After the CWG meeting last month I was given a list of things I had volunteered to do. We have a workshop on tonight, and that’s really highlighting that I’ve let everyone down! I know the Guild is not the only group of people I have let down, and to the others all I can do is apologise (I could list everyone, but then I’d be here all day).
So if you’re out there thinking ‘I thought Fran was going to…’, you’re not the only one, and I assure you, I had good intentions!!
Sure, there are reasons behind the failures, but I’m not making excuses here, just putting my hand up and admitting failure.

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One response to “Dropping the Ball

  1. Beaulah

    26/03/2013 at 7:10 am

    *hugs* I totally understand that feeling my dear. I think you might have been the one to pull me up on that last time 😛 From that experience I learned that I need more compassion toward myself and also that there are times when you have to pick yourself up and keep going. It takes up far too much of your potential productivity to beat yourself up over it, he he =D
    Love you lots!
    – B


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