The Dark Side of My Life ~ Intro

17 Feb

I’ve been thinking for a few days that I’d like to post some of the more grim truths of my life, ones that might indicate some of the issues that bi-polar and ADHD bring into my life, along with the other issues I have that can’t be summed up with nice short psychological terms.

But first I want to make it really clear that I’m not trying to get any attention for these posts. There’s no “cry for help”. I don’t need to be told to “get over it”. I’m very aware that a lot of what goes on in my head doesn’t make much sense, and that my perceptions of the world are warped, so I don’t need anyone telling me how “wrong” I am.

My goals in going through this process are pretty simple. In writing things down I find that I make links that I never would have made just in my head, because I’m very visual. Perhaps having it out in the world of the internet some like-minded person might find it and appreciate reading it and feel less alone.

If you know me in person, then some of this stuff may be surprising to learn. It’s not because you’ve not been perceptive enough or whatever, it’s simply that I’ve been keeping people out of this place for over a decade, and I am rather good at keeping people convinced that I’m fine.

So, yeah, I make no promises, I’m just gonna see where this goes, and if the content gets really bleak, well, that’s my life sometimes.

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