Crochet and Spec-fic

10 Jan

Last year (or perhaps the year before, my concept of time is dodgy) I began making Jake a woolen blanket similar to one of those granny squares one. The only difference, essentially, is that I’m using hexagons instead of squares, so it will finish as a honeycomb pattern. Initially I was thinking it would be a cot blanket, but I knew the odds of me finishing it while he was still in his cot were slim so I decided it would have to be big enough to fit a single bed.

But then when we got his big boy bed it turned out to be a king single, so it has to be even bigger than I imagined. Which is fine. The reason I’m talking about it though, is because I want it to get finished for his birthday in March. I laid out the 20 hexes I’d done on his bed, and worked out how many I’d need to get it as big as I want it: 162 hexagons.


I’ve put down my cross-stitch and my knitting, and picked up my crochet hook. I’m currently at 28. Is it even possible? I have no idea, but I think what it will end up coming down to is how much wool I’ll need to buy. I have a lot, but I doubt it’s enough. I’ll take a pic and post it next time I lay them all out to admire my progress (or lament the lack of it).

One thing I haven’t put down is my writing. Cassie told me that the Regeneration comp date was extended to the end of this month, so now I’m doing the final edits of that. I managed to get it to a point where I could print it and let my husband read it. And he actually read it! So last night we stayed up too late discussing ways it could all work better. It won’t take much to improve, just time and focus (two things any mum of a 2yr lacks!).


One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to read more ‘new’ books (books I’ve never read before). I’ve set my goal at a very reasonable 12 books. Yes, only one a month.

I’ve just finished the first one (today being too hot for thinking or crochet). The Door in the Air and other stories by Margaret Mahy, is a collection of children’s short stories that I can only really class as spec-fic. The one story that doesn’t quite fit into spec-fic, “Perdita and Maddy,” was still so fairy-tale-ish in content and style that I’m inclined to call it that anyway.

The stories are all so full of rich language, and so beautiful, that I was sad to get to the end of the last one. I think my favourite story was “The House of Coloured Windows,” although it might be tied with “The Bridge Builder.” Both of these stories are not only magical but philosophical. They are also filled with amazing imagery.

Mmm, a delicious book of short stories, and if you can find a copy I do recommend it.

Keep Smiling 😀 

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