ADHD and the 9 Gamut Procedure

16 Nov

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now, and finally I’ve set my timer and I’m sitting down and making myself write it!

EFT tapping has changed my life, if I haven’t made that clear yet then I need to rave about it more ;). One of the tapping sequences the GaryThink site teaches is the 9 Gamut Procedure. Gary Craig doesn’t have much to say about it, and admits that he rarely uses it. But he said that, “I’ve found it helpful when there is a clear brain disorder.” While I’m not sure if ADHD is classed as a ‘brain disorder’ or not, and it’s definitely not a ‘clear’ disorder, this drew my attention and I thought, ‘well, it could help.’

It does help, but it’s hard to explain.

I think perhaps others’ with ADHD will get what I mean when I talk about why I use it. I use it when my brain is bouncing around different thoughts and it’s not really sticking to something long enough to get much accomplished, and it’s having to rethink things all the time, as when it bounces away from a topic it promptly forgets any progress it had made while it was focused there, so when it bounces back to that thought chain it’s like it hadn’t been there just a moment ago. Sometimes my brain actually gets dizzy.

I was lying in bed, trying to think rather trying to sleep, but my brain was bouncing, and I was getting frustrated. I EFT tapped on the frustration, then I thought, well, I’ll try that Gamut one (which I had memorised cos it had piqued my interest so much). I did it, it has to be the one EFT technique I’d not be prepared to do in front of others so I was thankful it was dark, and my brain slowed down. It felt like, that first time, my brain had gone into slow motion. I even thought ‘is this how normal people think? I’d get so bored with my brain!’ lol.

Since then, I’ve done it often, when I know I need to focus, or when I want to focus and my brain’s buzzing. I did it just before as I was sitting down to write this. It means that my mental distractions are fewer and I’m getting this done without convincing myself that I urgently need to check my emails or facebook, and without getting distracted by that story I want to write down, and the novel I’m in the middle of writing, and what am I making for dinner tonight?… So this is getting done much faster than any other blog post I’ve written 😀

Instructions on how to do the 9 Gamut procedure can be found on Gary’s site GaryThink site, on The Basic Recipe tutorial page (it’s the last subtitle on the page, so you can actually scoot to the bottom and go up rather than searching through all of it). There’s only a small segment about it along with the instructions, but it is included in the video below the instructions which helps. It’s very fast to do (like, 30 seconds). Sure, it looks a bit crazy, but how much it helps makes it totally worth it.

While on that page I’d totally recommend reading about EFT in general and learning The Basic Recipe 😀

Go try it, and please let me know how it goes, especially if you’re ADHD! I’m curious 🙂
Keep Smiling Everyone! 😀


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