So Much to Say…

26 Oct

This will just be a quick post, but I think I’ll do a few over the next few days because I have lots I want to share with the world.

I’ve been on holiday, and my boy got sick, and then we got back and my hubby and I got sick too. Tummy bug sick. Ergh! Hence the lack of action in any aspect of my life.

Yesterday I finally started feeling like I was alive again. Too bad that was after things were meant to be done, and I missed a psychiatrist appointment in there too: “we were expecting you at 4.” “CRAP!” Try again next week.

I wanted to share a little more on my EFT experiences, because I have embraced it and it’s really helping. Monday last week I went in for my routine hair appointment. Now, I have pretty amazing hair, in that it’s a cool colour and it does what it likes without much effort from me. In fact, I came to realise a couple of months ago, that the more I let it do its own thing, the better it looks. I slap in some curling product after my shower, just to give it a push, throw in a clip to keep it out of my hair, and that’s it. I’ve accepted it does what it wants, and I can’t choose whether it’s going to be curly or straight (or a bit of both which is more common). Then my hair dresser cut it too short! Technically she cut the bottom layer the right length and then layered it way too sharply, but the end result is most of it’s too short.

I was sad, angry, embarrassed, and internally raging. I kept saying, ‘at least it’s hair, it will grow back’. And it will. But until then I have to try manage it. And there were many reasons I was not happy, so that one point didn’t help much.

While waiting for the bus to go to the airport the next morning I decided I’d do some tapping on it. It quickly helped me not stress about it, or how others would see it (it didn’t stop the annoying way it curls into my eye now, but then thinking about it I didn’t tap on that and maybe if I did I wouldn’t get so annoyed…). I didn’t even bring up the haircut when I saw people cos I didn’t feel the need to rage about it and let my anger out, cos it was gone. Or so I thought. Then at some point on my holiday someone said something about hair and I let loose, “my f***en hair dresser cut it too short!!!” I was surprised, cos I was ok with the hair, and accepted that I’d just have to deal with it, and that others may not like it. Obviously I hadn’t actually dealt with the anger I still had for my hair dresser for cutting it like that. So when I found time I did some tapping on that specifically, and now I do feel totally fine with her as well.

We’ll see what happens if it comes up in conversation again.

I also did some emergency tapping a couple of times on holiday. Once when little man had an epic tantrum in the middle of the night at his Nana’s place; I felt like the worst mum cos every time I touched him he got worse and it was only Daddy that could calm him. And again when he was really sick (worst he’s ever been); I felt really insecure and upset, and useless. I struggle when I can’t fix a problem in front of me, and there was no way to just fix him up.

I’ll do one more post on EFT, but then I think I’ll stop talking about it specifically unless something significant happens 😛

As a mental health tool I do now highly recommend it, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about then go to

Keep smiling everyone 😀


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2 responses to “So Much to Say…

  1. Autumn Blues Reviews (@AutumnBlues)

    26/10/2012 at 4:08 pm

    I can so relate to the hair thing. As I have curly hair and most hair cutters do not know how to cut curly hair. And I never say short for the very reason that I had one hair dresser chop my hair so short I wanted to sue her. I am taking the word you are using “tapping” to mean dwelling. Is that right? I find when I dwell on things I make myself feel worse. One habit I wish I could break, especially when I lay down to sleep, as this is causing me insomnia. Coming at you from Women Bloggers with ADHD. Digi.

  2. redfox

    26/10/2012 at 5:15 pm

    Hey 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. “Tapping” is a therapeutic process actually called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). It straightens out the emotive energy channels by literally tapping on pressure points while focusing on a specific issue causing negative emotion. I was just introduced to it very recently, and have been experimenting with its use over the last few weeks.
    If you’re curious about EFT you can find good information (and instructions if you want to try it) at
    I find one particular strategy of EFT works really well for ADHD and I’m gonna blog about that in the next few days 🙂


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