Artistic-ish Day

23 Sep

A painting of a photo of my friend’s ‘pet’ weka

I came across some totally awesome West Coast photos on my friend’s facebook page (she’s living over there at the moment) and there was one of her ‘pet’ weka. It’s not really a pet; you’re not allowed to keep them as pets, but I know how weka are. They hang around, sneak into your kitchen, crap on the floor and eat anything they can get their little beak on. You either hate them, or label them as a pet so ease the annoyance.

Sadly, as the Coast gets taken up by more and more farmland the weka are losing their scrub habitat. Pukeko numbers are going up, weka ones are declining. I like weka because they have personality. They like shiny, like magpies, and love getting into things they aren’t meant to, as if they know, and they are pretty destructive though not on the same level as kea.

My favourite bird is the NZ fantail, piwakawaka. For me they’re like the dolphins of the bush. They’re curious, cute, and follow you through the bush, for hours. We once had a black one follow us most of the way up Croesus track. I drew one last night, and may paint it, though I really have so many other things I should be focusing on right now.

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