Feverish & Gross, but I have a New Shiny

04 Jul

I’ve got the flu. It’s pretty horrific. I haven’t been this sick in years, and talking it over with Dale, we realised even he hasn’t been this sick since he had swine flu 2 years ago (Jake was really little, but he was immunised through me when I was pregnant & got immunised for free thank goodness).

In my feverish dreams last night I slipped into a sci-fi world of multi-verses, war and desperation. I don’t normally do sci-fi, but something about it stuck with me. I thought of my other two projects I’m working on, and told myself not to get distracted by a new shiny. To no avail. I collapsed back into bed when Jake went down for his day sleep and it was still with me, despite my best efforts. And then I had an AHA! moment of how it all ends. So no nap for me, and I couldn’t tell myself that it was just an idea rather than a story anymore, because I already had the start in words just waiting to be written, and the end giving my MC a destination–the middle was just a romp between the two points.

And now, after some time of hyper-focus, well, as hyper-focus as one can be when the brain feels like it’s been dropped in quicksand and the body feels like it’s been rolled down a few hills in a barrel, I have some 3000 words of a short story (I am not going to let it become more than a short). I’m not quite at the end yet, but I’ll get there because I actually know where I’m going, and I’m nearly there.

But for now it’s time to take my meds, and some painkillers, and crawl into bed.

Also, I found out on Monday you’re not allowed to take cold and flu tablets (anything with PE in) when you’re on anti-depressants. How depressing!

Keep Smiling 😀



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