Happy Poetry Day

30 Jul

It’s National Poetry Day here in NZ.

Celebrate! Write a poem. Read a poem by an NZ author. Read a poem by a non-NZ author. Just get into the poetry spirit because I think poetry doesn’t really get enough credit and is either considered to be teen expression of their emo-ness or haughty lit snobs who like to have noone understand them.

It’s not like that. Seriously. Poetry is simply language having a chance to be beautiful. Words are delicious and poetry lets them be so without getting caught up in all that prose baggage of plot and characterisation blahblahblah.

So, I’m gonna post the last poem I wrote here. I didn’t write it today; today is Hubby’s birthday so I’m not going to have time for writing, I have to go make a cheescake. I’ve never made a cheesecake before. Things could become disastrous in this household, or very messy anyway.



I lie here,
icicle stiff
until you slide in beside me
wrap your arms around me
melting, soothing,
until my knees bend
and back curls;
when you are
here beside me
anything is possible
and I can
become the S
in US


I never said it was a good poem 😛

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