Taking Time Out To Appreciate My Life

08 Jul

I know we all know that hospitals are full of the sick, and that there’s people dying from everything you can imagine and everything you can’t every day.

But it’s not until one woman’s baby girl is in a coma that I pause and think, hang on a minute, look at all I have. It doesn’t seem like much most days, but actually, it’s a lot.

I have the love of a wonderful man; the kind of love you read about, write about, watch movies about and long for. I have a gorgeous boy who is healthy and happy and too smart for his own good. He sleeps amazing at night, and ok during the day. Sure, we still have issues when it comes to feeding time, but he will grow out of them (I hope).

And while I’m not particularly mentally stable, and I’ve been depressed for so long that I don’t even know if I have the capability to be happy, I am getting help and getting better and slowly accepting that if the drugs work I will probably be taking them for the rest of my life. I am physically healthy, and haven’t had a cold or flu since winter last year (wasn’t sick at all except morning sickness the whole time I was pregnant). I’m not super fit, but I’m not an unhealthy weight.

I also have somewhere warm to live, drinkable water that flows straight from a tap in the next room, enough to eat, and while it feels like never enough we do have enough money to cover everything we need and a few things we don’t.

I have friends and family that love me, and I know that if I ever ask for help people will be there for me. I also have the tools I need to do what I love to do, that is, write, read, knit and drink tea.

Take a moment out of your hectic life in which you probably take all you have for granted and just appreciate the little things you have. It only takes an instant for it to all be stripped away.

Big hugs for all the wonderful mums out there, especially the ones with sick little ones. xoxo


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2 responses to “Taking Time Out To Appreciate My Life

  1. Richard Bracey

    09/07/2010 at 10:34 pm

    you missed the kick ass brother. 🙂

  2. redfox

    10/07/2010 at 9:54 am

    lol, and I have a kick ass brother who comes round and eats all our food 😉


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