09 Jun

My priorities list is a little askew at the moment, and I’m trying to get it straighted out. Writing has all but fallen off the bottom, which I’m not happy about. Jake’s needs, of course, will forever be at the top. But in middle there’s things that need rearranging, things that need removing (ie. playing Echo Bazaar, it’s just a time waster) and writing has to be nudged up so it comes before something like blogging 😉 . And maybe eating should go on the list.

I didn’t get any words on my HalfNoC written today, and only about 100 yesterday, so I’m about 2k behind, which is a lot out of 25k. I’ll try catch up, it’s too early in the month to give up, but I’m not going to get all worked up over it, I’ll just keep writing when I get time. At least the story is there in my mind, simmering away; another scene came to me today so there’s plenty to write.

It doesn’t help when Jake decides he’s not going to sleep well during the day. I’m just really glad that normally he sleeps well at night.

Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully one with time to write.

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