Queen’s Birthday

07 Jun

Queen Victoria’s, not Elizabeth’s, and it’s not really either, it’s just a day we’ve attached that name to. But it’s a public holiday, and that means Dale gets time and a half, and I don’t have to go anywhere (thank goodness cos the weather is pretty ghastly. Nasty southerly!).

After blogging yesterday I decided to walk away from writing for a while, it wasn’t working. Forcing it is not an effective way to remedy that. I did some dishes and let my mind wander over my story, none of which was asking to be written at this point. There was still something missing.

There’s a tactic some writers use to try get into their character’s head a little, and get to really know them. You sit down and interview them. Some people use a specifc questionaire, but I find it more effective to write myself into their world for a scene where I can have some one on one time with my character in their environment. That’s what I did with my MC.

We had a wee chat about insignificant things, and then she launched into a story, and that is what I needed. I’ve dropped myself out of it completely, and now it’s more a scene told in past tense and first person POV. I’ll admit that it’s not well written at this stage, but it’s a first draft, and I have to keep reminding myself of that so I don’t keep editing. I need to explore and find out as much as I can so when I do do an edit it’s a major one and I don’t have to do one that major again. I still haven’t finished the scene but it’s coming along really well, and getting me heaps of words toward my HalfNoC total 🙂 .

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One response to “Queen’s Birthday

  1. J.C

    07/06/2010 at 4:22 pm

    Thats excellent! Sounds like you’re making good progress, and finding ways around the little barriers that are cropping up – good work 🙂


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