Yay for sunshine

04 Jun

and for feeling good. I had a good nights sleep cos Dale did the night feed, and he’s looking after Jake today, so I’m getting a break and a chance to get on with stuff like washing. It’s certainly one big advantage to bottle feeding.

I went out for a “coffee” with a chick from my ante-natal class yesterday. It went really really good. I was pretty nervous cos we hadn’t actually talked at the class. I have talked heaps to her mum, cos she works at Baby Factory, and so she gave me her daughter’s cell number and vice versa, and now I have a new friend. lol. She’s keen to meet up once a week, and she’s a dancer and wants to get back into it, and I’ve always wanted to learn, so she’s gonna find a local class and we’re gonna go together, leaving our babies at home. Her little boy is almost as cute as Jake (she said Jake is nearly as cute as her boy. Bias still wins lol).

My little brother is coming over this afternoon and we’re gonna go pick up Jake’s cot. I can’t believe he’s ready to move into one already. I was hoping he’d stay in his bassinette for a couple more months, but I think he’ll be happier with more space.

I’ve still got heaps to get done today. I’ve got a hat for my neighbour to finally finish, and then I can get onto the one for Cassie’s new baby. I hope I’ve got lots of time to get knitting done, cos I don’t want the baby to arrive before I’ve sent it! (Pass that message on to your bump Cassie! πŸ˜‰ )

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One response to “Yay for sunshine

  1. J.C

    04/06/2010 at 3:41 pm

    lol consider the message passed! Not feeling like anything is going to happen for a couple of weeks yet, so you have some time – I can’t promise anything though πŸ˜‰

    glad you’ve been getting some time out and making a new friend, thats so awesome! it’s always nice to know other people who have kids the same age, they really get what you’re going through because often they are at the same time.

    Was sunny and beautiful here today too, I hope it sticks around for the weekend. Hope Jake loves his cot!


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