Irritable Much

31 May

That’s what I’ve been since Jake woke me this morning. For no reason at all. He slept another full night, and consequently so did I, but I woke up ready to snap at everyone and everything and lots of deep breathing didn’t really help. Neither did hubby telling me he’s gonna apply for new work. Anywhere is better than where he is, but did it have to be now? I’m really trying to be optimistic, and it’s not that hard considering everything. He’ll no doubt get better pay and work incentives than where he is now cos you can’t get much worse!

My little man, who is for the majority of the time perfect, is refusing to sleep. He’s exhausted and I’m exhausted. All I want is a cup of tea in peace and maybe a couple of panadol, but the former won’t happen ’til he sleeps and the latter won’t happen ’til I can drag my arse off the couch, lol. We bought his cot today, picking it up in the weekend. I can’t believe he’s already moving out of his bassinette. He’s 10weeks tomorrow! Where did the time go??

I’m considering signing up for HalfNoC over at KiwiWriters, but I’m not sure. I think it would be good for me to get a routine that includes daily writing instead of just going all manic and writing oodles in one day (hypomania, technically). We’ll see how I feel in the morning. Now is not the time for making month-changing decisions.

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One response to “Irritable Much

  1. J.C

    31/05/2010 at 6:53 pm

    Good luck if you do decide to sign up – it’s a pretty achievable goal I think and it might help you get back into some kind of routine with the writing. or it might not! lol

    Best of luck for hubby and his job hunting – certainly, it wouldn’t be hard to be better paid or in a better situation! I was so relieved when mine switched jobs, things have only gotten better since then.

    Hope also that tomorrow is better, some days are just cranky days for no reason 😉

    I’m going to go make choc self saucing pudding because if anyone has earned it, its me! 5 loads of washing, two lots of dishes, vacuuming, tidying/organizing/cleaning the kids toys in the lounge, making lunches, snacks and dinner as well as some bran muffins. Yup, I totally deserve some choc self saucing pudding. With ice-cream.


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