3105 Words Later

28 May

and I have a first draft of what I think is actually only part of a bigger story. I think my character (who’s name is Daisy, which sucks, but she convinced me it works for her so I didn’t push the issue) has more to show me, and is just letting me have a bit of a breather before the next part.

I don’t much like the end. Not what happens, just how I’ve written it, plus it needs thorough editing, so I’ve still got plenty of work to do. If it needs a genre I think it would fit into the urban fantasy box, which is exciting cos I’ve never written urban fantasy before.

Who am I kidding? Every aspect of this story is exciting for me right now. It’s just leapt out of me, and adventure every step of writing what I have so far, and holds promise for more. What more could a writer want?

In other news, Jake is sleeping awesomely. He slept from 10:30pm til 7:30am, and is having a pretty sleepy day too. I have to brave the wind and rain to go up to the post office. I was hoping hubby would be home early from work, but no luck there, so I’ll have to take Jake out in the nasty weather too. The pushchair’s raincover is getting well used anyway.

I’m feeling good. Really really good. Level. It’s a little scary. I think I’m afraid of losing it. And of never getting to this point without meds. It’s opened up a lot of questions to ask my psychiatrist on Monday.

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Posted by on 28/05/2010 in Mental Health, Motherhood, Writing


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One response to “3105 Words Later

  1. J.C

    28/05/2010 at 3:44 pm

    I’m so glad everything is going well – writing, mental stuff and most important baby sleep. You’re rocking it all hon. Go you!


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