Time flies too fast!

12 Oct

Due to a bunch of stuff out of my control we ended up going over to the Coast on Thurs night and coming back on Sat afternoon. It was nice to hang out with the family for a bit, and spent Fri evening with Amber which was awesome.

Dale’s been stuck working crazy hours at work (58hrs last week, he only gets paid for 40!). Despite only having 1 POS working all week, and mostly being the only staff member there, they blitzed budget. Today it’s all turned to crap tho, as the 1 POS they did have working is broken too, smelling a lot like burned diodes, and so he’s stuck there doing manual transactions as best he can cos he’s not allowed to close the store. What’s even more frustrating is that Vendor show is over, so everyone is meant to be back at work as per normal, and yet no-one seems to be available to help him get the POS working, and Tech Support never answer their phones, ever, even when it’s a prearranged phone call. Argh! So when I left him this morning he was starting to fray at the edges. Hopefully he’s still in one piece tonight when he finishes.

There’s guys here putting in insulation. It sucks cos I don’t really feel comfortable getting on and doing my own thing when random people are here. Hopefully it’s not a long job and they can leave soon.

My group of contacts doing NaNo is growing 😀 it’s exciting. It’s going to be such a great month. Even Dad has joined the fun, which is appropriate cos it was him that got me into it.

I can’t believe we’re so far into the month already. I have my final assignment due next week O.o and so many things to get done which I was meant to get done on Friday. Tomorrow will be a busy day!


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3 responses to “Time flies too fast!

  1. J.C

    13/10/2009 at 8:44 am

    Oh, i know what you mean about getting nothing done while tradespeople are around! We’ve had plumbers here two days and the telephone dude here this morning, it’s pretty disruptive.

  2. dada

    13/10/2009 at 8:07 pm

    how do i sign up to be your writing buddy, buddy. Every night I go to sleep deep in my story, what have you done to me…

  3. redfox

    14/10/2009 at 8:06 am

    Some nights that’s the only way I can get to sleep :-). Good to hear you have a story, at the moment I just have the beginnings of an idea which probably isn’t novel length.
    Anyway, just go to my NaNo home page, red_fox (I sent you nano mail so just use that to get to me) and add as buddy is down the left hand side; if my memory serves me correctly.


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