*Prods blog back to life*

05 Oct

Hello readers (if you’re still out there).

It’s October, which means NaNo is almost here!!! It’s very exciting, and there’s a lot of great people I’ll be working along side this year which makes it even better.

After about 4 months of being unable to write, I’ve fallen back into the beauty of words on the page over the last couple of weeks. I even wrote a poem today, which was nice. I love it when the words bounce around in my head and beg to be written. I’ve got a few characters bouncing around up there too, so I’m going to write a few short pieces to get them sussed out. I’m trying to get back into the groove of writing daily, and with Dale working for the next 12 days it’ll give me time to really get into it.

I’ve had to leave my writers’ group in Palmy (physically, thank god for the internets), which is tragic, but I’m hoping NaNo will introduce me to some local writers here in Chch.

Bubs and I are doing well. Pretty much 17 weeks now. I feel him moving about sometimes, he’s like a little bumblebee in my belly. I love it 😀 . I have a midwife appointment on Weds, and at the end of the month we go in for a scan to see him (and find out if him is actually a him, lol)

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One response to “*Prods blog back to life*

  1. J.C

    06/10/2009 at 9:59 am

    that’s so exciting! I loved feeling Lauren moving around inside, she had the hiccups frequently and they were always really funny.

    Hope you meet lots of cool writers during NaNo 🙂


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