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09 Jul

I’ve been on holiday for three weeks now. Uni goes back on Monday, I have a draft travel article due the Friday after which is barely started due to a major amount of writer’s block (for lack of a better term, personally I’m not really sure it exists). After the high of finishing exams was over, my body/mind was able to deal with a lot of stuff that I had supressed, ok, well, start dealing, there’s still a lot of stuff I need to sort. Unfortunately one of these things I hadn’t dealt with hit me hard, and I believe resulted in PTS (still ongoing, but I think I’m getting better, I’m able to sit and write now, even if it is just a blog, that’s gotta be a good sign). This, added to a natural down due to stupid bi polar, has made me an absolute wreck.

So, over the last three weeks I have been suffering major insomnia problems, which caused Dale to have them as well. I bought some 5-HTP pills to try help, to no avail, although they sorted Dale out, so it wasn’t money wasted. I haven’t had the focus to read. I started the Hitch Hiker’s Guide trilogy and made it half way through the second book before losing interest. I’ve just started Dubliners (Joyce) and am determined to get to the end, it’s such a short book with nice short chapters. I’ve been doing a bit of painting (it seems I can’t not be creative). I finally finished Grandmum’s Christmas present, a landscape of the Arahura valley, and started on one of Croesus Mountain (which has setimental value due to growing up in Blackball. I also learned (from Who Wants to be a Millionaire) that Croesus is a character famous for being rich. The name of the mountain makes sense to me now.). I also offered to do an abstract painting for Ro and Andrew, which I’m regretting a little cos I don’t do abstract, but I’ll see what I can come up with.

As for exam results. I got an A!!! Ironically for Linguistic Analysis, but it’s still an A, and I’m still very excited. I passed Victorian Lit with a B, which I’m happy with, and Advanced Fiction with a B+, which I’m pissed off about, but Thom’s a dick, so what’s it really matter. I’m just glad I passed all my papers. One more pass and I’m finished!!

So, that’s life up to yesterday, which was a particularly bad day (poor Dale gets so frustrated cos he’s mentally stable and can’t comprehend where I’m at). Today I’m feeling surprisingly good. We’re apparently going out tonight cos Emma (Dale’s ex work mate) is down from Aux and is already bored (not that going out on the town in Palmy is a remedy for boredom). I’ve also set some big goals, which deserve a post of their own…

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