May 16

16 May

Today Dale & I have been together for 6yrs and 9mths. While we don’t celebrate every month like we did about 6yrs ago, I do like to take a moment to appreciate what we have and where we have come from, when I notice it is the 16th (which I often don’t cos I don’t do so well with dates). So here’s to relationships that stand the test of time *raises imaginary glass*.

I have to admit that I started writing my new story yesterday. It just gripped me, and I think it won’t let go until it’s done. So the essay has not progressed as fast nor as far as I hoped it would, but I have started, and will have time to finish, hopefully. I’ve only written 5 pages, although it feels like more. I can’t give a word count as I have been hand writing. Unfortunately now I’ve hit a snag, as I can’t decide whose perspective the story should be from. I might keep going with the char I’ve been writing, and shift later if the story needs it to. I can always edit later.

I’m having a good May so far, which is awesome as Mays generally suck for me. I had a few hide-in-bed days, but when I caught onto what I was doing I forced myself to get out and about. I’ve been quite productive, which always makes me feel good. Writing helps too; although sometimes I think it’s just productive escapism. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Josh Groban. He is amazing, and manages to keep me positive. Whatever works, I say.

I’m hanging out for Dale to get home from work so we can eat the stew that has been filling the house with it’s gorgeous smell all afternoon, the one downside to a slow cooker. Yum! I love stew.

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