Oh dear

15 May

Obviously my brain didn’t get the ‘think expository’ message yesterday. I have another fantasy story growing in my mind. I don’t have time right now to write anything beyond uni stuff right now. But this idea is different than all my others, as this one was sparked by a dream I had this morning. It had a character (well, two characters, but already I have amalgamated them), and now it’s been joined by another character. The nature of the first character is forcing it to be fantasy. (Characters are how my stories start, I’ll see them in a situation which has forced them to act and feel in the way they would, and then I ask, ‘why are you there?’ ‘what are you going to do now?’ ‘why?’).

Hopefully the idea doesn’t just receed into nothingness over the next month and I can have a go at writing it for SoCNoC, although I’m only signed up for the HalfNoC this year. Maybe it will be a fantasy novella.

I have to brave the wind and rain soon to go out to uni. I have a 1 hr class at 3. Way to ruin a nice snuggle-at-home day. But I’ll also get books out of the library for my essay due Mon. Fingers crossed there’s some available.

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