The Blank Page

10 May

Yesterday I got all set to write the new draft of my short story. Normally when I move on to a new draft I will copy and past the old version into the document so I have something to work off, but with this story I have hand written a lot, and I’m not quite sure what the story wants, ie. why it wants to be written.

I used this lack of knowledge about my story as the reason I couldn’t write yesterday. I didn’t know what to write.

So the blank page sat open on my computer until this morning. I have looked at it for a while, in all its empty whiteness, and realised it’s not so much the story that stops me writing, but this page. Completely blank, with so much potential. As soon as I write a word the potential is reduced. And in my mind, even if I write something then delete it the potential is marred (in the past I have deleted everything to start anew and found I had to close that document and open a new one to really get back to the start).

So the blank page still waits for its story, and soon I’ll have to write something on it as I can’t hand in anything I currently have. This story has to be rewritten (and probably rewritten again) before it gets to a final draft, and I hope by then that the story has let slip as to what it’s really about, and why it wants me to write it.

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One response to “The Blank Page

  1. J.C

    10/05/2009 at 5:18 pm

    Fingers crossed for you that you can get started! Maybe open a fresh document and just write something right away so that you’re not thinking about all that potential just sitting there. Good luck hun.


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