Party, Obligations, and the KiwiWriters’ Notebook

22 Feb

Kim had her flat warming party last night. The theme was Pokémon, and so I went as Butterfree thanks to some wings and pipe cleaner feelers, and Dale was a generic Pokémon trainer. It was fun, I guess, in a hanging out with annoying people you do know, and lots of people you don’t know kind of way. We watched some Pokémon, and I realised that although it had been the in thing when I was about 12, I had never seen it (we didn’t get TV reception). It was all good until one chick started trying to convert the asians to Christianity; then I went and sat in the hallway. I’m not a party pooper, I just think that it’s not appropriate to try convert people at a party, especially when he had said “don’t try convert me” and she said “I won’t” yet then spent the next hour trying to, and so I didn’t swear at anyone I left. We crashed at Jen’s house, and this morning did the hour trek home (we were going to catch a bus, but it didn’t show up).

So now I’m trying to organise what I’m going to do with the rest of my day; the last day of summer (although the weather outside claims summer is way over). I feel the weight of so many things I have to do pressing down on me. I need to get the dittoGUI help file finished (I haven’t forgotten about you dad!); I still haven’t finished that recipe book for Ro; I need to post my little brother’s birthday present (his birthday was at the start of Jan); and I’m still hoping to get my short story finished for the Collection Challenge.

And Uni goes back tomorrow, which mean assignments will need to be done, and texts will need to be read. I will admit I have already started reading my Linguistics Analysis which is going to be an awesome paper, I’ve been learning about how language is arbitrary, and what a lexeme is 🙂 . All interesting stuff (yes, I’m weird for liking this stuff). I was thinking of skipping uni tomorrow (that sounds bad, I know, first day and I’m not going to go), cos I don’t have any classes, and I could work on that massive to do list of mine (it’s way longer than what is listed above), but I’m expected to be part of the library tour group. Sure, I don’t need to be shown the library, and neither to the other 4th year BAs that will be doing it, but you get $3 printing credit for following an old lady around and asking dumb questions like “when do we get our $3 printing credit”. 😀

Something very exciting happened yesterday. I went to the Palmy writers meet-up (not for long, just to say hi) and I was give the KiwiWriters’ Notebook/Journal. Basically it’s a notebook being sent around the world to KiwiWriters members and they can write  something in it. It started its life in England, came to NZ, went to America, and then back to NZ, and it has to go to Canada at some point too for Chibi. I wasn’t on the list to receive it, but I had posted on the forum, and so I was given it, yay! So I have to decide what to write in it, and then chose someone to post it to.

Anyway, that’s about it from me. Keep Smiling All!! 😀

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