16 Feb

It’s been a rough few days, and it’s taken its toll. I’m tired and depressed, and pissed off that this happens during my one week of holiday.

On Wednesday Dale had to get his back molar pulled because it was abscessed; it was possibly caused by Gary Rae doing a ‘root canal’ on it several years back (the xrays show the root canal had not actually been done. Dale got more work done on the same tooth year before last, but clearly it was not enough to save it.). And just to make things interesting the tooth broke and the dentist had to drill into his jaw to get the rest of the tooth out. So, arriving home with antibiotics and paracetamol (which I could have got cheaper at the supermarket, crappy pharmacy overpricing basic painkillers), and a bleeding gum, he was not a happy man. I organised for him to have Fri & Sat off work, and he bummed around the house for a few days feeling sorry for himself and achieving very little (except he did make me ginger teds on Friday, which was sweet of him.

Meanwhile, I was studying for my final exam, which I ended up being well prepared for. But, something hadn’t quite sunk in that I had to write four essays, and so I didn’t manage my time in the exam very well. I think I have to admit it was my crappest exam ever. But I got an A- for my second assignment, so I should still pass the paper (my second assignment, it turned out, had gone awol thanks to NSATS incompentancy. Fortunately it made it to my tutor the day before the exam and she was able to quickly mark it and email me my mark. I hate to think what a mess there would have been if it hadn’t made it to her before the exam).

On Friday evening Jen, Kim and I went to poetry open mic night, at which the guest speaker was Hinemoana Baker. She was amazing, and if you have never read any of her work or heard any of her songs I highly recommend you look her up: . Next month our poetry lecturer is the guest speaker, which will be interesting as I have never heard any of his work. One day we’ll get enough guts up to read some of our work, but not just yet. If you’re in Palmy and want to check this out, poetry open mic night is now on every first Wednesday of the month, so next month it is on 4 March at 7pm.

On Saturday Kim, Panna, et al & I went to a Jazz evening in the Esplanade. It was lovely, albeit chilly. We had some good laughs and I met some cool people. I wanted Dale to come but he had to go to a work meeting. They were informed that the available hours have been cut down again, and Dale will now be getting all of 16.5 hours a week, while the rest of the part-timers get nothing. This means, to put it in perspective, that he will be earning less money than I get on my allowance. I’m not sure how we’ll manage, but as Jen pointed out, at least we know how to live poor. That doesn’t change the fact that it sucks. Stupid recession!

So, yesterday, while Dale went to work his 3 hr shift, I decided to fall back on the good old option of escapism. I finally started reading book 2 of the Farseer Trilogy (Robin Hobbs). I read book 1 months ago, but haven’t been able to justify reading the second book, knowing that when I started I wouldn’t be able to put it down. I read over half of it yesterday, but have slowed down today deciding other things need to be done, like updating my blog.

So that is my life, and where I’m at now.

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