Over it

09 Feb

I no longer care about the Vikings and their achievments or how to spell words like Íslendingabók or Landnámabók or other words that use letters my computer can’t even produce.

But, on the other hand I am stressing about this exam. I know my English Viking Age almost inside out, but that is only one essay, and I have to write three. So in short I am pretty screwed, which sucks cos I need this paper to get my history minor. But, on the other hand, I should pass, as I know enough to get by, and I got good(ish) marks for my essays. I am being torn asunder by the part of me that insists that I will be ok and the part that claims I don’t know enough and don’t have a chance to by tomorrow. Arrghh!!

So I took a break and worked through the new version of the dittoGUI help file. It’s coming along, and I think it won’t take much to get it near perfect. It sounds like a great little programme, and I wish it ran on ‘my’ computer, but alas, she is too old to upgrade to 10.5 (and she’s not even mine, I am borrowing her off iLike). Check it out, it should be available in a few days and is so cheap I think every Mac should have a copy. 🙂

But now I think I should return to the Vikings, as much as I now dispise them. I should work through religious conversion one last time *sigh*. 😦

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