Waitangi Day

06 Feb

For all those that don’t know, Waitangi Day commemorates the day the Treaty of Waitangi was first signed in 1840.

Today the Waitangi Weekend Word Wace begins, and I know I decided I wasn’t going to partake because of exams next week, I’ve changed my mind. I’m writing the prequel to Forbidden Knowledge and I’ve already gotten 1044 words out; 6456 to go 🙂 .

I’ve been studying a lot (I’m so over the Vikings), and not much else. I also did housework this morning! I should take photos of the clean house just to prove it does happen sometime 😉 . My poncho is also coming along. It’s nice to have something to do while we watch tv in the evenings so I don’t feel like I’m just wasting time.

We watched the second Hellboy movie last night. I enjoyed it, which is saying something cos I’m not such a fan of comic movies. The storyline was a little predictable at times, but it worked.

Well, Abby should be here soon, so I’ll sign off. Keep smiling all 😀

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