03 Feb

I got my first official editing job today. My dad is a programmer and I am editing the Help file for his newest programme. It’s exciting, but actually quite hard work. He sent through a style guide that it has to adhere to, which I should have looked at before I changed ‘dialog’ to ‘dialogue’ through the whole thing. ‘Dialog’ just looks so stupid, but apparently it is the correct form for this kind of thing. Another couple of hours and I should be able to get it finished 🙂 .

I haven’t had time to do any writing today, but I did go shopping for my uni stationery. I love buying nice clean crisp books and shiny new pens even if they only stay that way for a week or so.

I’ve also been reading my Viking text book, but I’m kind over over it. I hoped to finish it today because I need to go to uni tomorrow but no luck. You can’t win them all. it just doesn’t feel like I have exams in a week, which is a very dangerous issue, I need the pressure to study. So, I am determined to stay at uni until the 4pm bus, no slacking off early or giving in to the desire to spend time with Dale instead of ensuring I actually pass my exams. But I might take my short story in with me so I have something to work on when I am dying of over exposure to text books 😉 .

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One response to “Editing

  1. Gr3m1in

    04/02/2009 at 2:52 pm

    Slacker! You didn’t stay ’til 4


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