February Already

01 Feb

And I feel as though January was almost wasted. I have done almost no writing beyond essays. I did learn to knit yesterday, so that sneaks into achievements of Jan; I am knitting myself a blue fluffy poncho 🙂 . Although my trip south took out two weeks of my month and left me way behind in my study I did enjoy myself. I’ve also gotten to spend a bit of time with friends, which was something I missed all last summer. I miss those out of town, especially Abby, but she is going to try come over on Waitangi Day to visit.

I have my first exam on the 10th of Feb, so I will be spending the next 2 weeks studying hard. I am not worried about my marks, so I’ll just see how much I manage to get done. I really do need to pass the Vikings though, I need it for my history minor. I have all my extramural studyguides for next semester, and am enrolled properly now. It looks like it’s going to be a hard semester, but I am doing 2 writing papers so it should be fun. Can’t wait til my exams are over so I can buy my books and be excited about only having 2 more exams ever 🙂 .

I have to get a bit of writing done this month if I really want to get something in for the writing challenge. Hopefully I can get it done over my week between semesters. I also really need to get some editing done on Forbidden Knowledge or there will be no way I can get it finished by April. I think I will joining NaNoEdMo to give me a good push in the right direction. If I get to 40,000 in Feb then I can use the 50hrs of editing to finish it.

Life plods on. I was hoping to cruise down to the gypsy fair in town but I can’t get hold of Ro and I don’t really feel like going alone so I’ll give it a miss. I’m already sick of Dale working all weekend and this is only the second one!

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