Oh yeah…

29 Jan

… I have a blog.

I’ve had a quiet few days. Dale has had his first three day weekend of hopefully not too many to come. Thank goodness StudyLink have increased my allowance by that $3 a week. It has been nice to spend some quality time with him, although he has spent a fair bit of time playing Portal. I must admit I was glad I was there when he finished it as the end credits song is very funny. I would recommend playing the game through just for that — I’m not sure the song would be quite as amusing if you don’t know the story, but if you want to check it out it is here.

Last night we had a good old Brown pot-luck dinner. Charissa, my cousin, is leaving home tomorrow. She is moving to ChCh to train how to look after people that play sport. She has been warned that when we get there we will be around at her flat to eat her food, although she insists it will be vice versa. The night was endurable, but everyone wanted to know what I was going to do when I’ve go my degree, and I don’t really know. The “I’m going to do a barista course and work in a cafe” didn’t go down so well except for with Ro, but she has the same temperament as I do, so we think alike a lot. Her belly was huge before Christmas, but seemed about normal this time as she has just entered her third trimester. ‘Henry’ is due on ANZAC day, so he my be called Albert after his uncle who was in Gallipoli. I can hardly believe I will have 14 cousins! Maybe Ro & Andrew will have one more so grandmum has a nice round 20 grandchildren.

As for study. I am a little concerned about my current assignment because it seems to be the easiest assignment ever. Not in the research, but in the writing, the words are just coming to me and flowing right. It’s almost like I’m writing fiction when my muse is talking to me, but it’s non-fiction so it feels weird. But I shouldn’t complain, I should just be glad it will be finished on time to be in tomorrow. I get to celebrate by going to a Gilmore Girls marathon sleep over with Jen, Kim and Panna. I’m not so sure about the sleep over bit, and I find Gilmore Girls hard to watch since me & Tash stopped being friend cos it was our thing, but I’ll just toughen up and bear it.

Dale should have finished watching South Park by now so it’s probably sleeping time. Adios

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One response to “Oh yeah…

  1. Gr3m1in

    01/02/2009 at 5:49 am

    I would recommend Portal to anyone who has trouble (or likes) looking at a room from 6 different angles. in the game you play the test subject of a psychotic super-computer (is there any other kind?).
    your only aid is a “portal”gun, that shoots portals (duh). Go in one come out the other, go in fast come out fast, go in the floor come out the ceiling. Very cool, mind bending.
    Great ending song, that makes the vertigo, and headache totally worth it.


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