To do list and Friends

21 Jan

I have finally made some real progress on my massive to do list. I have not yet managed to tick anything off yet, but I have it all down to a managable size. Now all I have to do is catch up on my house work. I’m thinking about bribing Dale into doing the dishes. It’s too hot to stand in front of the sink up to the elbows in hot water.

As for friends, I’m a bit stuck on one of them. As I was growing up I didn’t have friends, so when I did find someone that would endure me I was not picky. Now, as an intellegent young woman, people tend to like me. My question is, what if you really don’t like them back so much.

So, this particular friend turned up today, made everything I said turn back to her, and then told me I was coming to her party and what I was going to wear. I have never been one to do what I’m told; infact, telling what to do is really the one sure way of ensuring I don’t do it. I dislike her behaviour and the way she treats people and her naïveness, but naïveness is my pet peeve. It doesn’t help that Dale doesn’t like her at all, and when I talk to him about it he just makes my feelings seem appropriate.

So I feel bad for not liking her, but I resent having my life organised by someone who is so self centred. Dale’s already said we’re not going to the party, but I have a few months up my sleeve; I will let her down gently ‘cos I can’t be a bitch.

Back to work *sigh*


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2 responses to “To do list and Friends

  1. Gr3m1in

    22/01/2009 at 8:30 am

    I’m telling you, just tell her we aren’t going because I cant stand her voice* and she’s a self centered bitch.

    *it’s so whiney, kind of like rusty seesaw.

  2. alonleyOldPerson

    22/01/2009 at 8:59 am

    “telling what to do is really the one sure way of ensuring I don’t do it”

    Aint that the truths:-)

    Not a good role model on the “friends” front, either. It’s another family failing.

    Eventually we decided those type of people were “sinks”, no matter how much “Friendship” you invest in them they just suck it in and nothing ever changes for the better.

    My advice, just say “No”. If they keep pushing follow it up with “Go away”.


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