19 Jan

Did you hear that? That was my life clicking into place 🙂

Over the last week, since we got home, I’ve had no enthusiasm for life. Things haven’t gotten done, cos I just haven’t cared enough about the consequenses to do them. It’s a very dangerous place for me to be in, and even though I recognise all the signs now I still can’t bump myself out of it because I don’t care enough to. It’s a vicious cycle.

But, last night Dale and I decided what we are doing with our lives, and I have my enthusiasm back 😀 . Our future is looking very exciting, although it won’t all be roses. We have to go to the bank and ask for a loan so we can actually shift, and I hate being in debt. We were meant to have a meeting today, but it’s Wellington Anniversary and because Palmy is too lame to have its own anniversary we sneak in and use theirs too. So we’ll do it next week.

For all those local writers who are out of the loop, we’re having a meet-up on Saturday at Robert Harris at 3pm. We’ll try nab the big table down the back.

And now off to use all that new found enthusiasm in finishing the assignment that is now late.

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