Plans for the Future

16 Jan

With my degree nearly over I’ve realised that I’m coming to a new point in my life. We’ve been tossing up ideas of what we could do. The current plan is:

In July we will move to Christchurch where Dale should be able to get his own store to manage. Although if EB doesn’t start treating him a bit better I can see him walking out again, and not going back. Last July I quit my job because he was told he would have full time work; now they have cut him back to 4 days a week, and they are not even all full days.

Dale is happy for me to get a job where I don’t use my degree as long as I keep writing and work towards getting published. I am stoked! I’m looking at doing a barista course in September so I am more employable and getting a job in a cafe, but who knows what will happen between now and then to change my mind.

Part of me wants to just move now and get on with the next part of my life. It seems stupid to stick around here for another 6 months when the 3 papers I’m doing to finish my degree are extramural anyway. I am so sick of full time study, of always having an assignment to do or a text book to read. But Dale says wait, so we will wait, not that we can afford to do otherwise anyway.

So that’s our plan, which will probably be tossed out the window as soon as we get bored with it and decide perhaps we want to move to Timbuktu (not that that particular destination is likely).

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