Trying to get back into it.

15 Jan

But it’s so hard. Every time I look at my project list I cringe, wonder what to do first, and then don’t manage to get anything done anyway. So, I’m going to make a cuppa, put on some good music, clear my desk of all distractions and start my second Vikings assignment; it still has a chance of being finished on time.

Everything else on my project list will just have to wait, even though their are more deadlines looming that I know are going to come on way too fast, and at least one thing that has missed its deadline *sigh*.


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2 responses to “Trying to get back into it.

  1. J.C

    15/01/2009 at 8:08 pm

    Hope you’re getting some good work done on your assignment! Deadlines can suck, but I hope you manage to get back to where you should be at so you can have some fun 🙂

  2. Gr3m1in

    15/01/2009 at 9:26 pm

    Is playing Civ. studying? 😛


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