I’m Back!

13 Jan

Although I’m not quite settled back into it yet. We got home last night, but it really didn’t feel right. Something was missing. It didn’t take long to click: the cat was still at the cattery. No, we hadn’t forgotten about her, I could never do that, we had organised to pick her up today.

So this morning grandma arrived and we drove out to pick up the poor thing. She is not happy with me for ditching her for so long, but it had to be done. And now she has the sneezes. The cattery lady claims it’s hayfever, but I’m concerned as she never has before. She is a very healthy cat normally. I’ll keep an eye on her, and we may take her to the vet 😦 .

As for the holiday, it was good. It was nice to relax, and see family. Richard turning 18 makes me feel really old! He is working for iLike Computing for a year, and hopefully next year he’ll find his way out to uni somewhere. Sarah was stoked to see me. I let her read the first 2 chapters of Forbidden Knowledge which she said was “above average”. That’s exciting coming from someone who reads ALOT! but it is a rather biased opinion. I have left the two chapters with my father who is going to do my cover art.

I have also picked up a writing job. I am so excited! Not because of the job itself, it’s a commentary of sorts for a documentary/advertising thing for Hokitika, but simply because I will be able to do something that involves using my degree (and I haven’t even finished it yet πŸ™‚ ). If the initial DVD is successful it will be an ongoing job, yay!

I don’t know how I’m going to find time to do all my projects. I have two assignements to get done, and I need Forbidden Knowledge finished by the end of March. That’s 30k a month but Jan is almost over and I haven’t written anything on it. I also want to get this recipe book done for Ro, but it’s her birthday on Thursday, so I don’t know how I’m going to get that done. Looks like the holiday is over.

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