Full Time ’08

01 Jan

Ok, so I was planning to write this one up at some point yesterday, but didn’t really have a chance. Better late than never.

’08 was a full on year. I did 9 papers at Massey; had to kick out our flat mate; travelled down south for Easter; lost over 2 months to depression; wrote 17 essays (plus exams), 1 children’s story, 1 epic poem (that wasn’t very epic), 3 short stories, 2 novels and several poems. I also started a YA novel.

I think for writing ’08 has been the most successful year for me. is a great site which helps to keep me focused on my writing. I also participated in NaNoWriMo in November for my second year. This time I was much more successful, and my draft was good enough to warrent having a second draft written (now titled Forbidden Knowledge).

2009 is going to be awesome! We are heading down south in 2 days, very excited about that now. Having Amber here is awesome, although today was lost as I lay in bed most of the day feeling sorry foor myself (stupid alcohol). I’ve invited a couple of friends around tomorrow night and we’re going to have a movie night.

At some point in the year (we’re looking at July) we are going to finally move out of Palmy! I think we’ll be going to ChCh. It’s going to be a huge move, and we’ll have to hire people to move everything because we’ve acquired so much stuff since we moved here. Most of it’s just junk, I will admit, but I’m a hoarder and just can’t help myself. You never know when you’re going to need something, and if you throw it away you are bound to need it.

’09 is going to be the year of finishing for me. I will finish my degree (yay), and I am determined to work through a lot of my writing and actually get some projects finished. Starting with the second draft of my novel.

Kiwi Writers has some great challenges for ’09. There is a full year one called ‘submit a book’ which I am thinking about joining. It will encourage me to get Forbidden Knowledge to a point where I will actually let others read it. I printed the first 2 chapters today, and when Dale started reading it I stopped him. I thought I’d be alright with it, but clearly I’m not. There is also the ‘collection challenge’. This sounds awesome, and I am hoping I will be able to find something to submit. I have until the end of Feb to find something. But first up is the ‘new year novella challenge’ which I have decided I will not join. I have heaps of work to do this month, and I’m away for almost 2 weeks, so it’s just not possible. If you do feel like writing a novella this month sign up at Kiwi Writers and get writing!

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One response to “Full Time ’08

  1. J.C

    01/01/2009 at 8:59 pm

    Have fun away! I hope you do find something to submit to the Collection Challenge 🙂 I’m really looking forward to seeing what entries we get!


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