Yay, Chapter 2 done

29 Dec

And now I feel my novel is going to really work. The world seems much more real to me now at their language and culture is coming through in the writing. And having a culture and language to intergrate gives the world some real depth. Once I buy some more paper I am going to print the first two chapters. Then I’ll really feel I have achieved something. (I might even let Dale read it, but I am s**t scared of criticism when it’s only a draft still).

I’ve also managed to start the assignment that I really need to finish tomorrow. I just keep looking at the paper thinking it’s no big deal, it’s only 100 level, and it’s Greek Mythology which I know reasonably well as I have had an interest in mythologies since I was about 12. I can sit and do it in a few hours. But I know once I start it I will go off on tangents, and the essay itself will take quite a while to get written and edited. Mythology, I’ve realised, is the reason why I cannot be Christain. So much of what was collected and put down in the Bible was taken from other more ancient mythologies. Even the word Bible is from the greek word biblos, which meant papyrus.

Anyway, Dale is going to make some of his infamous fudge later on (YUM!!) while I continue to slog through this essay and add to my novel. 🙂

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