Christmas is Over

26 Dec

Yay! It is so exhausting. Yesterday was lovely. I just spent the whole day with Dale. We got some movies out and just had a blob day with good food and lots of chocolate 🙂 .

Today was the big day. I made potato salad and chocolate brownie this morning, and then spent all afternoon at my Aunt & Uncle’s house (Stephen & Leanne’s). All 13 of my cousins were there, although Charissa was working so turned up late. Only one family drama and my uncle Cliff ended up walking out (that was unexpected, he’s normally really easygoing). I somehow managed to avoid getting preached at! Normally every family get together someone starts on me or Dale. I don’t mind them being Christain, but I wish they could keep it to themselves.

So now I get to sit down with a nice glass of wine, compliments of Bossman (Karl, Dale’s bosses boss).

Dale is recovering from the busiest day of the year. The shop was full from open to half an hour past close. I don’t know why anyone would brave town on boxing day, yet thousands do. Makes me wonder about this recession; they only did 2k less than last year (which is not really a lot in a store like EB Games).

Anyway, back to enjoying that glass of wine 😀 .

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One response to “Christmas is Over

  1. J.C

    27/12/2008 at 6:34 am

    Glad you both survived Christmas 🙂


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