Christmas Eve!

24 Dec

I feel like I have had a productive day today, but I really haven’t. I finished the painting for Andrew & Ro and painted the background for Grandmum’s one.

Then I got side tracked going through stuff. I pulled out my big art box from the bottom of the wardrobe (I think I was only looking for the black paint O.o) and ended up sorting through it. Most of what was in there was meant to be kept in other places, and the rest I sorted into shoe boxes. So now my big art box is empty & I’m not really sure what to put in it.

Then I started tidying my desk, a huge job on the best of days. I still had all my jewellery pushed to the back of my desk that I had dumped there months ago at a loss of what to do with it all. Most of it’s just junk I made, and I decided to pull some apart. The rest I crammed into a box. Out of sight out of mind.

And that’s it. Somehow I managed to be busy for eight hours, yet I achieved bugger all. I haven’t even done any writing/editing.

Maybe I can get a little done tonight after dinner. I given up on the idea of having both paintings finished in time for Christmas. Hopefully Grandmum doesn’t come visit tomorrow, I’ll have nothing to give her. O.o

I’m hoping it fines up tomorrow (metservice says it’s meant to, but that doesn’t mean much). If it does Dale & I are going for a picnic lunch ^_^

Off to do the dishes before Dale gets home.

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