Bike Issues

23 Dec

On ANZAC day ’08 Dale’s silver road bike got nicked from behind our house. A cop came round & we gave him all the details, and despite his assertive “we will find it,” Dale & I gave the bike up for lost.

So it was much to my surprise and delight when the police station rang today and asked if we had lost a bike, “umm, yes, it was stolen ages ago & you have all the details.” Stupid question!

“What kind of bike was it?” OMG are you serious lady?

“A road bike. I dunno, it was silver. I can get the details, we kept them.”

“Oh, this one is red.”

Exciting we get the bike back & it’s had a paint job!

Ah, not so lucky.

Before Dale got his silver road bike he was riding a snazzy red & white retro style bike. It was cheap and cool. But it was crap; the frame’s metal was softer than the bolts holding the rear tyre on, so it would slip all the time. In short, very dangerous.

So when we moved house last October we left it in the good hands of my uncle who said he’d get rid of it for us. He took it to some scrap metal place (I trust him, he’s one of those good Christain types).

And now, over a year later, it has been found ditched on the side of the road on Tremain Ave. And because we bought it new, and Pedal Pushers record the serial no. & customer details of every bike sold, suddenly it belongs to us again & we have to go through the hassle of disposing it again.

So no usable bike being returned, and we still don’t know what happened to his good silver one.


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2 responses to “Bike Issues

  1. J.C

    23/12/2008 at 7:27 pm

    oh wow, that’s such a pain!!!

  2. Gr3m1in

    24/12/2008 at 7:14 am

    To make matters worse.
    I (dale) rang the police to sort it out, the lady who answered the phone cut in on me telling her why I was ringing and put me through to an answer phone.
    An answer phone.
    Even though I was talking to her, she puts me through to an answer phone.
    So angry, I think I’ll let them keep the bike.


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